How to Get a DBA Name for North Dakota LLC in 2023 Without Hiring an Expert

Are you a business owner in North Dakota looking to expand your brand and increase visibility? One option is to register a DBA name for your LLC. A ‘Doing Business As’ name allows you to operate under a different name than the legal name of your LLC, providing flexibility and creative branding opportunities.

But how can you get a DBA name without hiring an expert? In this article, I will guide you through the process of obtaining a DBA name for your North Dakota LLC in 2023.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the purpose of a DBA name. A DBA allows businesses to use multiple names for their operations without creating separate legal entities. It helps distinguish your business from other companies with similar names and provides an opportunity for creative branding.

Now that we know why having a DBA is beneficial, let’s dive into the steps required to obtain one for your North Dakota LLC in 2023.

To establish a distinct identity for your business in North Dakota, filing an LLC is crucial. Understanding the process of north dakota LLC filing allows you to navigate the requirements smoothly and obtain a DBA name for your business in 2023, all without the need for expensive professional assistance.

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Understand the Purpose of a DBA Name

Understanding the reason for a fictitious business identity can conjure up visions of a brand new venture branching out into uncharted territory. But what’s a DBA name, and why is it important?

The acronym DBA stands for “doing business as,” which is an alternate name a business can use to operate without changing its legal name. In North Dakota, like in many other states across the US, there are legal requirements for using a DBA name.

Firstly, you must register your DBA with the Secretary of State’s office. Failure to do this can result in penalties or even legal action. Additionally, it’s important to note that registering for a DBA does not offer you any trademark protection. If you want to protect your brand identity, you’ll need to look into trademark registration separately.

Choosing a suitable DBA name is crucial because it’s how customers will recognize and remember your business. It should be unique and memorable while also giving some indication of what your business does. You’ll also want to ensure that no one else has already registered the same or similar name in North Dakota to avoid conflicts down the line.

Overall, understanding these points before choosing your own DBA name will set you up for success when building your brand identity.

When choosing a suitable DBA name for your North Dakota LLC, keep several things in mind.

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Choose a Suitable DBA Name

Picking a catchy and memorable name for your business is crucial, so let’s dive into how to choose the perfect DBA name for your North Dakota LLC without breaking the bank on professional help.

The brainstorming process is an excellent starting point. Make sure to consider names that are easy to remember and spell while also reflecting your brand values and mission. You can involve friends, colleagues, or even customers in this process to ensure you get a unique and creative name.

However, it’s essential to keep legal restrictions in mind when choosing your DBA name. As a rule of thumb, avoid using words that could mislead consumers or infringe on another business’s trademark rights. Also, you must ensure that the chosen trade name is available for use by conducting a thorough search of existing state and federal registrations.

Once you’ve found the perfect DBA name for your North Dakota LLC, you’re ready to move on to the next step: filing the application for registration of trade name.

In conclusion, selecting an appropriate DBA name can be challenging but not impossible if you follow these guidelines. Brainstorming with others will allow you to come up with innovative ideas while ensuring that your final choice reflects your brand values adequately. Additionally, make sure to adhere strictly to legal restrictions when selecting a trade name as it may cause problems later if ignored. With these tips in mind, file the application for registration of trade names confidently knowing that you’ve chosen a suitable DBA name for your North Dakota LLC!

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File the Application for Registration of Trade Name

Now it’s time to file your application for registering the trade name, so let’s get started. Understanding the registration process is important before you begin.

In North Dakota, businesses are required to register their trade names with the North Dakota Secretary of State. You will need to fill out and submit a form along with the appropriate filing fees. Filing fees and requirements vary by state, but in North Dakota, the fee for registering a trade name is $25.

The application requires basic information about your business and the desired trade name. Make sure that your chosen DBA name follows all regulations and is not too similar to an existing business or trademarked name. Once you have completed the application and paid the fee, you can expect to receive confirmation within a few weeks.

Wait for approval and publication of your new DBA name before using it in any official capacity. After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office for compliance with state laws and regulations. If approved, your trade name will be published in a newspaper as part of legal notice requirements.

Once this has been completed, you may begin using your new DBA name legally in all business transactions!

Wait for Approval and Publication

So, after filing our application for registration of trade name for our North Dakota LLC in 2023, the next step is to wait for approval and publication.

The timeline for approval is usually around 14 business days, but it may take longer if there are any issues with the application.

Once approved, the trade name will be published in a local newspaper as per state requirements.

Timeline for approval

You’ll want to know the timeline for when your approval will come through after submitting your DBA name application.

North Dakota’s Secretary of State office typically takes about 2-4 weeks to process an application, but it may take longer if there are errors or missing information on the form. To avoid any delays, make sure you double-check your application for common mistakes like misspellings or incorrect addresses.

Once your DBA name is approved, it’s important to note that you must meet publication requirements within 30 days of approval. This means publishing a notice of your new DBA name in a newspaper that circulates in the county where your business is located.

Failure to meet this requirement can result in penalties and even cancellation of the DBA name registration.

Publication requirements

Meeting publication requirements is a crucial step in the process of registering your dba name in north dakota. It involves publishing a notice in an approved newspaper within 30 days of filing for your DBA name, and then submitting an affidavit to the Secretary of State that proves you’ve met this requirement.

Understanding the legal implications of a DBA is important here because this publication serves as public notice of your business’s new name, allowing others to object if they believe it infringes on their rights. The accuracy of your publication is also critical for successful DBA registration.

Any errors or omissions can result in delays or even rejection by the Secretary of State’s office, which may require resubmission and further fees. Therefore, taking care to ensure your publication meets all requirements and accurately reflects your business’s new name is essential for a smooth registration process.

With this step completed, you can move on to maintaining your dba name by updating any necessary licenses and records with government agencies and informing customers and vendors about the change.

Maintain Your DBA Name

Maintaining my DBA name is important to me as a business owner. I need to be aware of the renewal process and make sure that I renew on time to avoid any penalties or fees.

Additionally, if there are any changes in my business information or if I want to change the name of my DBA, I need to update it accordingly with the proper authorities.

Renewal process

To keep your business in good standing, renewals must be completed regularly. In North Dakota, DBA names are valid for five years from the date of registration. After that time period, you’ll need to renew your DBA name to continue using it. If you fail to renew your DBA name before the expiration date, it’ll become expired and no longer valid.

Renewing your DBA name is a simple process that can be done online through the Secretary of State website. You’ll need to provide basic information about your business, including your current DBA name and any changes or updates that may have occurred since its initial registration. Once you’ve submitted the necessary information and paid the renewal fee, your DBA name will be renewed for another five years.

If you wish to update information or change the name altogether, this can also be done during the renewal process.

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Updating information or changing the name

If you want to give your business a fresh start or make changes, you can easily do so by updating information or changing the name of your registered DBA online. This process is usually straightforward and can be completed within a few minutes.

However, before you proceed with the name change, it’s important to ensure that the new name meets all legal requirements. To update your DBA name in North Dakota, you’ll need to file a Certificate of Amendment with the Secretary of State. The certificate must contain the old DBA name as well as the new one.

Additionally, you’ll also need to pay a filing fee. Once your application has been approved and processed by the state, you’ll receive an updated Certificate of Authority reflecting your new business name. By following these steps and meeting all legal requirements for a name change, you can successfully give your business a fresh start without hiring an expert.


In conclusion, getting a DBA name for your North Dakota LLC in 2023 doesn’t have to be daunting. You can easily obtain a trade name without hiring an expert by following the steps outlined in this article.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the purpose of a DBA name and choose a suitable one that aligns with your business goals. Then, file the application for registration of trade name with the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office and wait for approval and publication.

Finally, make sure to maintain your DBA name by keeping up with any necessary renewals or changes. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your North Dakota LLC has a recognizable and memorable brand identity in the marketplace.

Don’t let fear or confusion deter you from obtaining a DBA name. With these tips, it’s easier than ever before!

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